Rocky Neck Art Colony

Vicki DiezCanseco

Photography, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media

978 828-7617

Rocky Neck Gallery member

Color, shape, experimentation and exploration of materials are the driving forces in Vicki's current work. Now working primarily in the abstract, she combines acrylic paints, printmaking and digital photos in a layering process which involves both discovery and analysis.

"I don't relate to language when I am making work. I am exclusively in a 'zone' and thinking as little as possible and close to a spiritual place. This has been a life-long objective, to be so into a process that I am not second-guessing myself. I wait for guidance by the process and surrender to it. I'm also in problem-solving mode, asking what does the piece want to feel more complete. When it's 'done', so am I."

"Making artwork requires going with the flow while holding onto my own intention. Such balance can best be achieved when I am fully present - an ongoing lifelong journey." Vicki credits her Jin Shin Jyutsu practice with providing balance to the body, mind and spirit, actively supporting her personal transformation, and her increasing ability to be in the moment. She is grateful for having found a community that supports her ongoing explorations and artistic growth.


Deb Aldrich

For Joy
For Joy
Monoprint, 8" x 10"