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Perfect Storm

Open Feb 5 - March 1, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, Feb 7, 2014, 4 – 6pm 

Closing Reception: SUN, March 1, 2 - 4pm

All are invited to experience a wide range of artistic interpretations of the seasonally appropriate theme of "storm." From the wildest expressions of perfection to the calmest representation, Rocky Neck Art Colony's "Perfect Storm" juried exhibition both challenges and satisfies the viewer. The selection of this show's "Perfect Storm" interpretations, expressed in abstract, representational and expressionistic styles, was chosen by award winning Association of International Art Critics juror Leonie Bradbury, Director and Curator of Montserrat College of Art, Galleries.

Bradbury selected pieces by twenty-two artists from over two hundred entries submitted by New England artists. She shares about her selection process, "When I think of the concept of a "perfect storm" I think of a set of circumstances, or in this case the forces of nature, coming together in an unprecedented or unpredictable way. I feel that the works selected for this exhibition possess a quality of energies either colliding or expanding, sometimes raw and intense, other times harmonious and peaceful. A few pieces, however, are subtler and show those quiet moments after a storm or visually capture a more delicate interaction of weather with a landscape through mist and fog. Together these works remind us of the power of nature and the beauty that we see in its magnificence."

The artists selected include: Emily Barrera, Peter Baumgartner, Dale Blank, Kara Caso, Matt Cegelis, Katherine Coakley, Gail Gang, Gordon Goetemann, Lisa Goren, Ruth Hamill, Law Hamilton, Robert Hesse, Michele Kenna, Mary Kostman, Otto Laske, Judith Monteferrante, Skip Montello, Sandys Moore, Ruth Schneider, Miranda Updike, Timothy Wilson, and Philip Young.

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Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck (formerly the Rocky Neck Gallery) is closed for the season.
It will reopen May 22, 2015.











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